is the official website for Leiyuan Manufactured Stone Company Limited. The company draws its inspirations from nature and is a leading firm in the artificial cultured stone industry. The company uses only the highest quality materials to create eco-art stones that have a great many additional features in comparison to natural stones. Dedicated to offer the most sincere cooperation in helping its customers, Leiyuan Company hopes to establish a win-win business relation with every one of its clientele.

The main products offered by Leiyuan Manufactured Stone Company include items such as Reef Wall Rock, Ledge Stone, Culture Stacked Rock, Rusty Culture Stone, Culture Stacked Stone, Castle Stone, Cultural Stone, Artificial Stone, Culture Stone Veneer, Manufactured Stone, and Cultured stone.

Artificial Cultured Stones or Manufactured Stones are made of cement, clay, and imported pigments. Unlike natural stones, manufactured stones are light weight, have a high intensity, are UV resistant, waterproof, colorful, non radioactive, and have a low specific gravity. In addition, manufactured stones are easier to install and are ideal for both external and internal wall decorations.

The company ensures that all the artificial culture stones created by the companies come with a Artificial Stone warranty guaranteeing the durability of the stones for up to 40 years.

Artificial Cultured Stones are generally used in gardens, clubs, residential homes, villas, theme parks, and golf courses, among other buildings and locations.

Although based in China, the company caters to an international market. In fact, Leiyuan Manufactured Stone Company provides its services to over 20 countries across the world. Most of the company¡¯s clientele are from countries in North and South America, South and East Asia, Europe, and Oceania. The company hopes to expand further and increase the number of countries that it supplies to.

Leiyuan Manufactured Stone Company Limited is an ISO 9001:2008 certified company. It is a highly qualified and professional company that promises a 100% customer satisfaction in terms of both the quality of the product as well as the customer care support offered.

As one of its customers, Fernando Oliveira, the CEO of Golden Rocks says, ¡°Leiyuan Company have a well team-conscious, supply the high quality manufactured stone (cultured stone), the ability of communication and coordination, work hard, meticulous and patience can afford the pressure of the work, which very familiar with the marketing theory, have strong ability of practical foreign trade, hardworking and devoted to the career, determined to make more progress.¡±

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About Leiyuan Manufactured Stone Company Limited:

Leiyuan Manufactured Stone Company Limited is a highly reputed Castle Stone manufacturer dealing in Artificial Culture Stones. The company ensures that it uses only the best quality materials to create durable, light weight, and aesthetically pleasing stones. The company, though based in China, offers its services on an international level.

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