If we need a garage and we want something that’s easy to build and that comes at an affordable price, then we should consider buying a metal garage. There are two leading brands in the United States that produce high quality metal garages and these are Arrow and Duramax. The main advantage that these garages have is that they come with a do it yourself step by step instructions manual so we won’t have to worry about paying a lot of money in order to have it installed.


                Having a garage is not only useful for protecting our car from rain and snow as we can easily store other items in it, freeing space in our house. Metal garages are a great choice because they come at reduced costs as opposed to concrete garages, and because we can easily assemble and disassemble them if we should choose to move them. While there is a great variety of metal garage producers, we should always consider buying garages that are made by trustworthy brands. Arrow and Duramax are leading brands when it comes to metal garages because they offer high quality customizable garages which are durable, and that come with a substantial warranty. Duramax metal garage kits have a warranty that ranges from 10 to 15 years while Arrow metal garages have a 12 years warranty.


                The typical materials used for building a garage are metal, brick or concrete. The main issue that we have to consider when buying a garage is the space, its overall strength and its resistance to exterior factors like wind, rain and snow. The metal garages produced by Duramax come in three different sizes, 12x20, 12x26, and 12x32 and are made with long lasting dipped galvanized steel. Reinforced with metal columns, these metal garage kits are wind tested to one hundred and fifteen miles per hour, and their roof is made to withstand twenty pounds per square foot pressure of snow. The metal garage kits produced by Arrow also made from resistant materials like electro galvanized steel, and have full mid wall bracing for extra strength. The advantage that the Arrow garages have is that they come in a range of sizes, from 12x10 to 12x31, all the way up to 14x21 and 14x31.


Most metal garages are painted and will sometimes require repainting. However, the metal garages produced by Arrow need lesser maintenance as they are vinyl coated, and the most we’ll want to do is wash them from time to time. The difference between metal garages and garages made out of concrete is that we have the option to move metal garages onto a different space. If we want to extend our house, then we can easily do that if we have a metal garage. However, if we have a garage that’s made out of concrete, then the costs of rebuilding it are much higher. The metal garage kits offered by Arrow and Duramax are easily one of the best choices for anyone that wants more flexibility. Overall, choosing to buy metal garages from leading brands like Arrow and Duramax is a great choice for anyone that needs extra storage room, and a place to park their car.

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