Today, we can buy almost anything online, including jewelry. Gold, platinum and silver jewelry is often sold online at better prices than those you can find in stores. However, you must be careful when you buy jewelry online as you can’t verify in person the authenticity of the jewels. A few tips will help you choose a reliable silver pendants and silver earrings supplier.
In order to avoid illegal transactions or bad purchases, you have to look up information about the jewelry supplier or manufacturer you’re planning to order from. Does he have the necessary authorizations to manufacture and sell jewelry? Any respectable and reliable jewelry house has this information on their website presentation. You can’t afford losing money over a fake piece of jewelry or one that has defects. Avoid illegal business on the internet by simply reading the information about your supplier attentively. Credible businesses always disclose their contact info on their website; make sure that a physical address is specified on the contact page. Most jewelry websites also have a testimonial page — check out what others have said about this company: if it is reliable, if they like their silver pendants, silver earrings, necklaces and other products, the delivery time for products etc. If you inform yourself before purchasing jewelry, you won’t experience any problems.
Obviously, it’s impossible to detect if a piece is fake if you don’t have it in your hands and can’t see it yourself. However, there’s one thing you can do: check the pictures on the supplier’s website and see if you can spot a stamp on the jewelry. All original jewelries have such stamps, as this indicates the quality of the precious metal. For instance, the highest quality for silver is 925 (the jewelry is made with 92.5% silver). If you see a 925 stamp on your silver pendants or silver earrings, it means that the jewelry is made with sterling silver. In any case, your jewelry suppliers should provide you with a warranty certificate for your jewelry. In most cases, the warranty lasts for at least a year, depending on the type of jewelry you buy and its value. Check if there is information about the warranty on the jeweler’s page. If you can’t find any, avoid that seller and pick another manufacturer who can provide this information.
Once you’ve checked for authorizations and found that the jeweler is authorized and thus reliable, you can focus your attention on the jewelry you want. The silver pendants or silver earrings you plan on buying should have a good finish. Natural sterling silver is rather dull and doesn’t shine unless covered in special coatings. Jewelries are aesthetic products so they have to look attractive; look for finishes which protect the silver and increase the value and attractiveness of the precious metal. If you can’t find detailed information online, just call the jewels and ask them to provide this information. The better you inform yourself, the better purchase you will make.
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