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The health benefits and fat-burning capacity of pure green coffee bean extract, touted by experts as a magical substance, have been proven by experts. Lindsey Duncan, a certified nutritionist and neuropathic doctor and was Dr. Oz’s guest in his April 2012 TV show, stated that the said extract is by far one of the most natural and effective way to lose weight. To date, Duncan and Oz are two of the most popular advocates of pure green coffee bean extract. 

The extract is rich in chrologenic acid, a natural phytochemical that works by preventing the absorption and use of glucose, also called sugar, into the human bloodstream. Sugar, when not burned, is converted into fat, thus making an individual overweight or obese. Specifically, the said acid enhances the fat-burning ability of the liver, which processes all the fats put in the body. As a result, the body increases its metabolism. 

Apart from the extract’s weight loss properties, it can also improve the condition of people suffering from other health conditions or diseases. Particularly, diabetics will notice a major change in their blood sugar levels because the glucose amount released into their bloodstream is lowered. Since the metabolism of the body is speed up, the risk of fat and cholesterol accumulation will be minimized. 

According to experts, high levels of cholesterol contribute to cardiovascular diseases and increased blood pressure. Thus, since the calories ingested by the body are converted into energy, green coffee bean extract can improve any individual’s condition. 

The extract can also combat premature aging signs due to its high antioxidant concentration which is then processed to free-radicals. In turn, these radicals renew the skin and facilitate the breakdown of minerals and vitamins. When minerals and vitamins are not broken down, they can do more harm than good. With the proper antioxidant amount supplied by pure green coffee bean extract, these risks are prevented. 

With the growing number of health experts supporting the product, it is anticipated that the demand for it will continuously increase. As of now, the research on the extract is furthered to discover the other health benefits it has in store. 

On the other hand, people who are intending to buy it online are advised to read customer reviews first to have an informed buying decision. 

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