May 18, 2013: The best email marketing software just came to give small to large scale businesses the need for email marketing services. Nowadays, there are three big names who claim to be the best email marketing software. Aweber, GetResponse and iContact are said to be the big three in this field. But a new one has arrived to modify the definition of best to its customers. 

Aweber’s email marketing services price ranges from $19 to $194. On the other hand, GetResponse’s service is approximately $15 to $65. Lastly, iContact offers a price ranging from $14 to $27. These three major software names only hands basic email marketing services. 

This new best email marketing software, Pure Leverage, is up to change the game and offers the most affordable price and the best features. It pledges to give its customers the best email marketing service like no other. Everything a business needs to have for it to be built and developed is now offered by Pure Leverage. 

Pure Leverage offers new features no other software has: easy lead flow, elite coaching program, leverage authority blog, video email service, turbo traffic generation, A to Z wealth home study course, live meeting room, and an unmatched compensation plan. All of these can be availed by a customer for $24.95$ per month. Apparently, it lets clients save $485.95 every month. Pure Leverage also provides a 30 day trial for those who wish to personally experience this software. 

Pure Leverage is the only email marketing service that presents this kind of platform in this present time. It is the only email marketing software who came up with a full-packaged deal in the most affordable price. Pure Leverage has the entire email marketing service utility. Visit to have a hands-on experience with the best email marketing software.