The increased urbanization has singularly led to obesity. A majority of the population are working in office departments. In this ambition driven world, people work late and have no time to even cook and eat at home. The habit of eating out and lack of physical exercise has led to the increase of weight gain among the people. the alarming rate at which people die of anorexia proofs that nothing much has been done to address the issue of obesity.

There have been numerous over the counter weight loss supplements but none has been able to make as much impact as the 100% pure yacon extract supplement. While most of these weight loss food supplements promised to give results only with the additional aid of a proper diet and a decent amount of exercise on a regular basis that was just the problem. If people did have the time and the drive to diet and exercise, they would not have sought for alternate ways to lose weight. As a result of this, many people tried but none of the food supplements worked.

The 100% pure yacon extract supplement had just the right solution for this ongoing problem. This was initially made keeping in mind the urban career driven adult who simply has no time to eat proper food let alone make time for regular exercise. This organic food supplement was made with one thing in mind — to give effective results without the aid of any form of dieting or exercise. The yacon extract works at the metabolic level of the human body without causing any ill effects in the overall health of the person.

There has been a lot of controversy concerning this supplement. Customers are advised to buy only from registered sellers as there are many duplicate imitations available in the market. For more information please go to


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