Miami, Florida; 21, October 2015: According to the company, through their spokesperson, Ms. Pamela James, their skincare formula, known as Puressance, has 5 major benefits, when the potential consumers would use it daily. “These benefits are already explained in some posts in the World Wide Web. Such posts emphasize how great our product is,” she said. This statement was released yesterday, during the press conference of the company held at Miami, Florida.

The company spokesperson specified the 5 major benefits, such as:

1. Accelerated skin repair and revitalization
2. Rejuvenated skin cells and tissues
3. Reverse skin damage due to free radicals and aging
4. Reduced wrinkles fine lines and eye puffiness
5. Renewed smoothness, youthfulness and elasticity

The main reason why Puressance works according to Ms. James, is the used and formulated ingredients. “Our product is powerful and helpful, because it contains herbs-based vitamins and nutrients,” she said.

The company further revealed the ingredients of this product, such as:

* De-Ionized Spring Water
* Pure Aloe Vera
* Vitamin A
* Vitamin K
* Vitamin E
* Orange
* Thyme
* Lavender
* Basil
* Patigrain

All of these ingredients, based on Ms. James’ explanation yesterday, are all tested clinically and evaluated scientifically.

In terms of this product’s potency, there is one consumer who made this Puressance review: “I saw noticeable results in less than 2 weeks. PurEssance is the best product I’ve ever used and I’ve tried quite a few brands [but nothing worked like this before.” — Dorothy Leigh, Manchester, United Kingdom.

Puressance is available in the market via an official webpage, and is being priced affordably for the potential consumers.

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