Orlando, FL — June 8, 2016 — Athletes at all levels of ability require sufficient magnesium to perform at optimal levels. Even a small deficit can impair performance and a pure magnesium oil spray offers a convenient way to boost magnesium levels that can be applied daily.

“Magnesium is critical for athletes,” said Angela Kennedy, founder of Purest Vantage. “It’s a mineral that the body uses in biochemical reactions to help produce energy, but many people have a deficiency without knowing it.”

Changes in dietary habits and depleted levels of magnesium in the soils foods are grown in are just two factors that have led to low magnesium levels in the population.  Less than 30 percent of Americans receive the recommended daily dosage of magnesium, even those who carefully monitor their intake and eat a healthy diet.

Identifying a deficiency can be difficult. Lab tests only measure magnesium levels in the blood at the time of the test. The body doesn’t store magnesium and it’s quickly eliminated from the body through the kidneys, sweating and the digestive tract. It must be replenished regularly.

The body metabolizes magnesium to create a coenzyme known as ATP that transports energy throughout the body to fuel activities and is responsible for muscle function, cell production and how the body synthesizes fat. A deficiency in athletes lowers performance, efficiency and capacity levels, requiring athletes to expend more effort to accomplish tasks.

Athletes with a magnesium deficit must use more oxygen during physical activity and it reduces the body’s ability to relax to its pre-exercise state. The mineral is required for cardiac and nerve function, along with regulating blood pressure. When a magnesium deficit exists, the body’s ability to supply energy to muscles decreases significantly and limits athletic strength, power and endurance.

Amateur and professional athletes who lack sufficient magnesium will experience symptoms ranging from muscle cramps and fatigue to lethargy and headaches. Irregular heartbeat and an increased risk of osteoporosis have also been recorded. Individuals often overlook the symptoms or attribute them to other causes such as hitting a conditioning plateau.

Purest Vantage offers a topical magnesium oil spray that offers 3,575 mg. of magnesium per ounce to assist athletes in maintaining optimal levels of the mineral. It’s absorbed through the skin and disseminated through the body’s outer cellular structure. It can easily be incorporated into physical fitness and training routines for better performance.
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