10, October 2015: Since the advent of mobile phones, it brought great convenience to people’s life. People living far away from each other could contact their best friends and beloved families within seconds through the use of phones by dialing a number or sending a message. Lovers could hear each other’s inner voices however long distance they were separated due to the requirement of work, which would consequently strengthen their relationship to some degree. It seemed that the wide application of mobile phones was harmless. Let me tell you then why a phubber should put down his phone and ride an electric skateboard out.


The truth, in fact, was that the device which used to be of great benefit to its users now turned out to be their mortal enemy which threatened the normal relationship between friends, families and lovers. After gradual upgrading, phones were no longer just a device of keeping in touch with others by calling and messaging. It was equipped with the function of downloading all kinds of games, social network software and the pleasures its users could get from them to some extent made them addicted to their phones. Perhaps it was time that they should put down their phones and make a change in their behavior. Riding an Airwheel electric scooter out with the one they cared or loved might be a good choice.


While one was on an Airwheel self-balancing scooter, one had to focus its attention completely on the road condition and make sure that they wouldn’t bump into passers-by and keep themselves safe as well. No extra time to check their phones then. Therefore, if one could spend some time with one’s friends or lovers riding to some places on an intelligent scooter, it would certainly to be helpful to the promotion of their relationship.

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