Miami is predicted to be a new tech capital.

Amount of funded startups from South Florida is growing, more software professionals move in, infrastructure is being build and supported on state level. This concept is getting popular as San Francisco is getting more than twice expensive than Miami. Young entrepreneurs understand that nowadays, especially on early stages, your physical location within US is secondary. Your idea and, most important, execution is the king. Pylyp Matiukhin ( says “only 5% of success is idea, the rest 95% is execution and perseverance”. Angel investors most likely to fund tiny, but running business than big idea with no operations.
Let’s focus on Pylyp as an example. Same week with release of newest iOS9 Pylyp launched his new app for iPhone/iPad. App introduces Pylyp’s consulting and development services for startups. At the first blush, app is no more than a business card for Mr. Matiukhin’s Miami Beach based company with colorful fancy interface. And that makes sense as business app shouldn’t be as interactive as game or social media app. But along with static informative content there’s a News section. It updates when team posts something new sending automatic notification to the user. This type of marketing creates intimacy between business and user and chances that your content will be eventually read is higher, as when user is subscribed to your Twitter or Facebook. This simple, but handy feature for both content provider (you) and user may create longterm relationship. Needless to say, content should be well done and engaging.

As Mr. Matiukhin says “In 2015 one of the best investments you can make in your online presence is cross platform mobile app with rich & attractive content.”

Pylyp’s plans for Miami extend way beyond helping other entrepreneurs, but to contribute to local scene with attracting more investors and industry professionals to South Florida. Consider Miami as a destination for your startup.
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