Qropsadviser.in recently updated its content to provide information regarding the announcement made by the UK government banning the transfer from unfunded public service defined benefit schemes such as the NHS scheme to a QROPS scheme from April 5 2015 onwards. The website also provides information about the services they offer to both residents of India as well as other countries, who want to transfer pensions out of their NHS pension scheme into QROPS schemes before the deadline.

According to the website, Qropsadviser.in is part of the QROPS Adviser Group, set up with the sole purpose of helping returning NRIs and Indian residents make the most of their UK pension benefits. In 2006 the legislation which created QROPS came into force and ever since then Qropsadviser.in has been helping expats all over the world, transfer their UK pensions into QROPS schemes. Over the years, they have been known to help many Indians safely transfer their UK pensions into a QROPS scheme. A representative for the group stated that they have extensive knowledge of NHS pension transfers.

According to Qropsadviser.in, most of their Indian resident clients had initially not been provided proper help by advisers in India in relation to QROPS transfers in India while some had even been given wrong advice about their UK pensions. Many of them were told that they could transfer their UK pension only into local, Indian-based QROPS which, unfortunately, was not suitable for most of them as it provided annuities at very low rates.

The truth is that there are many different QROPS schemes available today, located in a number of different jurisdictions such as New Zealand, Malta, Isle of Man and Gibraltar. Each of the jurisdictions offer clients numerous sizeable benefits that local QROPS scheme in India cannot offer. Qropsadviser.in helps by carefully considering each of these jurisdictions to determine which is most suited for the individual client.

Understanding that every client has different personal and financial circumstances with different financial objectives, Qropsadviser.in has a frank discussion with their clients and carries out a comprehensive analysis of their financial circumstances so as to determine whether a transfer to a QROPS scheme is suitable. For more information please go to http://qropsadviser.in

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