The United States of America, March 14, 2014: Electronic cigarettes have become quite common and seem to start a trend. Electronic cigarettes offer great advantage and are considerable alternative to regular cigarettes. Moreover, they are easily and inexpensively available to public due to dedicated effort of ecommerce websites like Electronic Cigarette Outlet. Electronic Cigarette Outlet is an online wholesale platform exclusively for electronic cigarettes and everything that is related to the new kind of smoking device. Visitors can buy single products as needed by them or they can purchase a complete electronic cigarette kit, which has everything included in the package. 

Electronic Cigarette Outlet has atomisers, e-liquid, battery and accessories to complete its wholesale provision for the new-age fagging. There are various brands of electronic cigarettes that online shoppers can purchase. It is notable that Electronic Cigarette Outlet is not exclusively for wholesale. It also retails small consignments as well as single products and accepts bulk purchase orders as wholesale deals. There are 3 varieties of electronic cigarettes that are available at the website. The types are Ego, Mini and Slim. Further, electronic cigarette Ego has more varieties and so do Mini and Slim types. 

The price of Ego brand ranges from $25 to $59 as of now at Electronic Cigarette Outlet. The least and most expensive Mini products cost $13 and $47 respectively. The cheapest Slim variant costs $16.10 and the costliest variant is priced $23. Of all the types, Mini is closest to real cigarette in terms of appearance and feeling. Mini electronic cigarettes are similar in size to regular cigarettes and also relatively slim to mimic the real cigarette. However, Ego and Slim have their separate set of advantages and features that users can enjoy. 

The brand and type of cigarette is purely the preference of users. The models of electronic cigarettes are only hardware and have little influence on the feeling on users. The taste and effect that users get depends upon the liquid that is used inside the cigarettes. Electronic cigarette E-Liquid has different levels of strength. Typically, the liquids provide feeling of either standard nicotine, medium, low or no nicotine. Thus, with the choice of right strength of liquids smokers can even eliminate their habit of smoking. Even those who use standard nicotine strength enjoy benefit of not inhaling smoke as electronic cigarettes produce only vapour. Another related advantage of this feature is that electronic cigarettes can be used in public places because they do not release smoke like regular cigarettes. Thus, it is completely safe for non-smokers who do not have to fear about passive smoking. 

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Electronic Cigarette Outlet is an online wholesale and retail store that is exclusively engaged in electronic cigarette kits, atomisers, E-Liquids, batteries and accessories for the same. The company is PayPal certified and ships the ordered item within 48 buiness-hours since the placement of purchase order.