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Shenzhen, Guangdong, Dec 14, 2013:

With the changing technological times, a smartphone is a must have device. What would be much smarter than getting an android cell phone that carries with it class, quality, taste and more so the affordable element in it. Ankaka is all about offering eye-catching android cell phones that will ensure people the latest products in the market, the best and the cheapest selections of android phones from China. Their products range from android 2.1, 2.2, 2.3 up to 4. With the increasing production of cellular devices globally, it is of concern to give a close eye to what people invest their cash on. Genuine products nowadays are not so easy to spot but something people would never go wrong on would be: the LCD screen, its GSM compatibility, build quality and the battery life. 

Making a decision on the kind of display to go for is quite a thought people need to consider as some may look appealing only to notice later that their manufacturing involved cheap, poor quality. People will be greatly pleased to note that offers nothing less than high-quality LCD screens offering people quality brightness, contrast, response time and resolution. 

Someone may have noticed that some products in the market spot fault circuit connections and their internal components are inferior to others due to the cheap qualities some of the manufacturers run to. This affects largely, how the entire cellular device performs its tasks. People can however sit relieved knowing that with Ankaka, its build quality offers nothing less than long life and reliability just like any other leading brand. 

No android cell phone would fully give people that satisfaction if its battery life was short-lived. Luckily for people, they can stop the search for an android device with a long-lasting battery life. Ankaka offers batteries with similar attributable standards to those of leading manufacturers. 

To crown it all would be the GSM-enabled feature in their new ankaka android device. Ankaka’s mobile phones come with the Global System for mobile communications to enable people use subscriber identity modules or SIM cards. Be sure that the phones are all unbranded and made ready for their use in GSM networks worldwide. I believe that it is now that time that people secured one for themselves. 

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