CHINA - Strapping Tools are usually used for strapping bundles of packages. These strapping machines are quick, easy-to use and are cost effective at the same time. They are the best alternatives for adhesive plasters. Here at Yueqing Nuoda Strapping, one can find handy manual strapex hand tools with a variety of choices. There are battery powered hand tools as well which are ergonomically designed so as to allow users to use them for long hours effortlessly. The strapping tensioner comes with a motorized tensioning and sealing system for general purposes. They are installed with the latest motor and battery technology.

The steel strapping tools are usually used in manual strapping which come in different strapping tool systems such as the manual or pneumatic tensioning and sealing ¨C with seal or sealless. The sealless manual tools are used for strapping flat packages and are available for mobile applications. There are sealless pneumatic tools for round packages that are available for stationary applications. The strapping tensioner is widely used for packing paper, aluminum, steel, bars, pallets, cotton, chemicals, metal products, fiber fabrication, wood plated, etc. These tensioners are user friendly, light in weight and compact. They are designed in such a way that they can be easily tensioned to strap heavy packing such as steel or aluminum blocks.

They also offer a variety of banding machines and banding tools. The Electric Battery Operated Strapping Tool is widely used for paper packing, metal products packing, wood plated packing, fiber fabrication and so on. This is one such equipment which is made for long term use. The entire tools and the spare parts are made up of high strength alloys that offer higher durability. They come with a LED scale display and an adjustable sealing time. The strapping tensioners that work on battery are extremely safe to use for a longer time with a battery recharger option as well.

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Yueqing NUODA Strapping, based at China started in 1990 is a manufacturer of strapping tools. They are worldwide distributors and wholesalers in China. They provide the highest quality industrial strapping tools such as pneumatic steel strapping, manual sealless strapping tools, manual plastic strapping tools, pneumatic plastic strapping tools and battery operated plastic strapping tools.

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