United Kingdom; 31, January 2015: Paddle boards are among the must have products for the water sports enthusiasts. These are perfectly suited for touring or catching the waves. However, the design should be enough to provide the right balance in performance and comfort. Quroc surf design syndicate is an international manufacturer and seller of inflated paddle boards. It believes in delivering value based inflatable paddle board products to ensure customer satisfaction. All of its high quality products come with at least two years of warranty. 

Quroc strives to give perfect design to the paddle boards. Their approach is formulated to provide the ideal proportion in the length, width and thickness. The inflatable stand up paddle boards is designed to offer optimum balance in terms of speed, stability and manoeuvrability. It can thrive in a range of UK coastal conditions. All the inflatable SUP boards are equipped with performance glass fibre paddle, board leash, pump with pressure gauge and sturdy carry bag. 

Quroc’s Qi is an all round board for touring and catching waves in coastal waters. It has a thickness of 6 which provides stability suitable to complete beginners. The manoeuvrability ensures a better performance for the experienced boarders. There are no additional charges associated with the product as in case with other retailers and it comes at a wholesale price. 

The UK based company is in the business for many years. It has worked alongside expert shapers in the design and manufacturing of surfboards and waveski. It supplies directly to the customers with no middleman involved. Thus, it saves the money and effort of water sports enthusiast and paddle board seekers. The price of products at Quroc is at least £300 less than the similarly produced paddle boards available with other providers. 

Qi paddle board is specially made for UK coastal waters. These conditions come with its set of peculiarities. Flat water appearance can be deceptively choppy for the surfers. The waves tend to have lesser power and a more flat structure compared to those in US and Australia. A significant design factor is the board volume and board thickness. The additional thickness in Qi also avoids the sag effect and extra rigidity improves the speed through water. 

The Qi package is equipped with heavy duty bag pack. It is includes a free of cost high pressure pump, SUP coiled leash, waterproof phone case and 3pc sup paddle. There is a 15 day money back guarantee placed on the paddle board products. The entire amount would be refunded to the customer when returned with the original condition. 

About Quroc Surf Design Syndicate: 


Quroc Surf Design Syndicate manufactures and supplies a wide range of paddle boards to surf in UK coastal waters. It works with experienced design experts to create boards which provide a comfortable and secure surfing experience. Visit the website for information on the products offered.