United Kingdom; 10, August 2015: The world of technology has witnessed a massive transformation over the last decade or so. Although, the development has been since centuries, the most dynamic and drastic development took place over the last few decades. Today we have a range of public and private transportation options which have reduced the time taken to reach both short and long distances. There are the smartphones which simplify the day to day tasks and communications among our friends and family. However, with such a vast number of options, it is definitely a tough task to select the best possible resources. In order to simplify the process and offer the best possible reviews regarding latest technology gadgets and developments, http://www.r00t3d.org.uk/ presents its online portal. The website reviews latest gadgets along with publishing latest updates and news regarding the development.

Presently, it has featured the review of the latest Razor E100 Electric Scooter which is designed for the small kids. It is a perfect toy for kids below the age of 10 years. The website has reviewed the scooter in terms of its design and capacities. It also puts out a detailed review as how this could be a safe option to gift your kids. It has the maximum speed capacity of 10 mph and is divided in two different parts i.e. main body and handlebars. It needs to be attached and the scooter is ready to use. As per the review on http://r00t3d.org.uk, it would take approximately 12 hours for the battery to stay charged up and it is capable of adjusting about 120lbs. There are host of other areas where the website lays emphasis on and lets the users understand if this product is something which they could purchase.

Besides, the website features regular reviews and updates from the world of technology. It includes the likes of Google glasses and other kinds of revolutionary technologies which have transformed the world of technology. Besides laying most of its expertise towards technology related products, the website also offers its inputs and reviews from the financial world. Overall, the aim of this website is to offer a platform for reviews and news related to the things that have been happening across the globe. It intends to keep its readers updated and ahead when it comes to everything from entertainment, fun, finance, and technology. In case of any other suggestions and questions, readers are welcome to use the comments option on the website.

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