Guangzhou, China; 12, December 2014: Car owners can always rely on RacingCarShop for their new products that aim at enhancing the performance, safety and style of vehicles. The company endeavors to unveil new products from time to time, after deeply analyzing the requirements of the car owners. Choosing high quality materials and precise engineering, they now have introduced some remarkable products for the car owners. Available at affordable prices, these new products will greatly improve the car’s performance and safety while enhancing the style as well.

RacingCarShop has a carbon fiber mirror cover range for different vehicles, such as BMW, Toyota, Audi and others. These mirror covers are made of real light-weight carbon fiber and the UV coat gives them the desired durability and a glossy appeal. The fiber cover serves the purpose of protective cover for the mirrors and in case of collision keeps the mirrors safe. Available at a reasonable price, the cover is easy to install and can be applied on the existing cover.

The company also has Dual Exhaust Tips for BMW, Mercedes and other vehicles. These exhaust tips have been designed to enhance the performance of a vehicle. The product has been developed after a thoughtful consideration about proper maintenance of the engine exhaustion system. The exhaust tips are easy to install and are a durable product to keep performing without a need to replace them again and again.

With an objective of enhancing the style of a car, RacingCarShop has introduced a new carbon fiber front grill collection. Available for BMW and Mercedes vehicles, the grills are made of real carbon fiber and are available in different types of finishes, such as couple matte finish, matte black finish, matte black and white finish, chrome finish and others. The front grills offer a variety of styling choices and one can choose a front or side grill to customize the looks of his/her car.

According to the spokesperson of RacingCarShop, all products and car parts are available at affordable prices and have been designed to meet the unique styling and safety needs of the car owners. To learn more about their products, one may visit the website

About RacingCarShop:

RacingCarShop specializes in the car performance and appearance tuning field with a range of special parts for various cars and models. The company has great experiences on all kinds of motor vehicles and their products have been distributed to Canada, Japan, America, New Zealand and other countries. RacingCarShop is a company combined with design, manufacture, distribution, and international sales.

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