Los Angeles: America’s love affair with radio is the subject of the exciting documentary “Radio Wars: The Historic Battles that Redefined Radio“. From its earliest beginnings over a century ago to the struggles for control which have shaped the radio format into what it is today, “Radio Wars” tells one of the most fascinating stories about how this broadcast format has been shaped over the years.

Radio Wars

The documentary includes such notables as Howard Stern, Nikola Tesla, David Sarnoff, Mel Karmazin, Martine Rathblatt and many more that helped shape radio into what it is today. But this is more than just a history lesson, this is the story presented in “Radio Wars” as it weaves together the origins of radio with the different influences which crafted what we hear today over the airwaves.

The History of Radio

In order to help understand the conflicts that are still going on today, this documentary reveals the distant past at the turn of the 20th century radio was invented. Who actually is given credit and the real history of the invention of radio has been the source of much controversy and this film helps sort out the many issues that were involved.

Over the ensuing years as radio began to flourish in the 1920s to 1930s, control of this powerful medium became one of the focal points between private ownership, corporate power and government regulation. This particular conflict helped shape the struggles that have influenced how radio is presented today.

The Controversies of Radio Revealed

Nominated for Best Documentary by the New York City International Film Festival, this is a vibrant, powerful documentary takes the viewer through a journey which started over a century ago. One of the most potent aspects of this film is how it sheds light on the internal conflicts and wars which have shape what we have heard over the airwaves.

Radio Wars Director, Sandra Mohr said, “Many of the pre-conceived notions about who really invented the radio, who controls the content and the different directions it has experienced, are presented in an arresting way that draws you in completely to the story. The numerous controversies that have surrounded radio over the past century present one of the most interesting, yet lesser-told stories. We believe we will have audiences reconsidering just how radio has influenced the lives of so many around the world.”

The Evolution of Satellite Radio

How satellite radio came into being along with the many controversies that surround it represents a substantial part of “Radio Wars”. In particular, the struggle between Sirius and XM Satellite Radio before they merged into a single company to fight traditional radio is well covered with numerous interviews that reveal the true story of their ongoing conflicts.

In particular, the struggles of Sirius XM and its beleaguered history since it was first formed until it reached rock bottom are presented in manner that provides great insight. In addition, another epic battle over radio between Wall Street and the National Association of Broadcasters (NAB) is covered as well.

Powerful, insightful and entertaining, “Radio Wars” is unique among previous documentaries on this subject as it takes a bold look at all the conflicts which have shaped this medium. This film offers the complete history of radio and how its early struggles have shape what it has become today. IMDB gives it a 8.5 STAR Rating, and that seems about fair for this complicated but easy to digest documentary.

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