Rain International is now introducing the starter SOUL kit for North America for a limited period. In a company release, a discount price of just $99 for one box of SOUL has been announced for the people in North America. The inaugural discounts are aimed at popularizing the product and allowing people to witness its benefits. “The best way to convince a customer is to allow him or her to experience the benefits”, maintains a senior official of Rain International.

SOUL is a perfect supplement for boosting the energy level and overcoming fatigue because of excessive workout or hard works. Many health and fitness trainers recommend the product to athletes and muscle builders who carry out heavy workouts on a daily basis. The product helps overcoming the fatigue and soothes cramping muscles after a heavy exercise session. SOUL is also helpful to shed excessive body weight, and it is becoming increasingly popular among overweight people. Now, all those who are aware of incredible health benefits of SOUL will appreciate Rain International for bringing such an inaugural discount offer to help grab the health kit in an affordable manner.

Rain International is a renowned company that is recognized for bringing clinically tested nutritional supplements for people’s benefits. And their pre-launch SOUL offer for the people of North America is being seen as yet another effort to aid the modern population that has been struggling hard to stay fit and healthy. SOUL is often appreciated for its unique health benefits and this is the reason why numerous health-conscious citizens of the region are very much upbeat about this pre-launch offer. “In fact, people are already in the queue to grab the offer and queries have started pouring in”, reveals the spokesperson of the company.

A variety of natural components extracted from various berries and herbs form the ingredients of SOUL and this is the reason why health experts and fitness trainers consider it safe for regular consumption. Anyone willing to learn more about the pre-launch offer or take advantage of it can visit Rain International’s website http://www.myrainlife.com/review

About Rain International

Rain International is a Utah-based renowned supplier of seed-based nutritional products. The company develops and delivers clinically tested products with an aim to support and sustain the long-term health of the consumers. The company focuses on the scientific product development that stretches back centuries to cultures that understood that seeds carry powerful nutrients and anti-oxidants in their extracted oils and flours.

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