Imagine a great beach setting with an equally mesmerising sunset in the background. A light music plays at the back and you have a glass of tequila sunrise with a handful of grapes for company. The very thought makes you crave for such an ambience and nothing can be better than arranging for entertainment options which promises unparalleled fun. If you are the kind who possesses a taste for  some of the most exotic cocktails around the world, there are some great ones to choose from. Some popular drinks being blue lagoon, fortune teller, jello shots and the like.


The concept of cocktail originated primarily from the Italian culture. Italians were quite adept with the idea of frozen granita. They created a great blended drink with available juices as lemon and oranges topped with crushed ice. It was a hot favourite for kids till the time people started adding alcohol to it and enjoyed it likewise. In fact, this laid the foundation of several cocktail recipes.

Tequila as a drink has been associated with a famous rite followed right from the traditional days. The scene where you find a man putting some salt in his hand, the intersection point of the bottom of his thumb and wrist to be precise. He licks the salt and gulps  the drink from his shot glass and immediately bites on a piece of lime. No doubt it was strong and ladies never favoured it till it was mixed with some sweetening agents. Tequila sunrise emerged as the perfect answer. Now you not only find this drink making a place in barbeques and deck parties, but bars and pubs as well.


Making this frozen cocktail is kind of challenging. So if you are planning to host a weekend party or arranging a get together with close friends, try giving this drink a shot. All you need is a tall glass filled with crushed ice. Pour in two shots of tequila and mix it with orange juice. Adjust your glass a bit by tilting it sideways and add two dashes of grenadine syrup. Grenadine has a property of sinking down and filtering it to the top. It imparts that necessary red to orange tint in your glass. For a more fruity flavour, try adding few chopped pieces of peaches and raspberries. Stirring it properly will help retain the preferred liquid consistency of the cocktail. While garnishing you can definitely go for cherries or top it with an orange or strawberry slice. Add a dash of lime and your refreshing tequila sunrise is ready.


Tequila sunrise is an ideal cocktail for a hot day. Consumed mostly as a brunch cocktail or a sundowner, its popularity is soaring by the day. 

Now that you know the process, become a mixologist  for your party and  add a creative spark to the delicious cocktails you serve. From jello shots to frozen margaritas, everything should go down well with your guests. And what better than making the cocktails appetite stimulating as well.

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