RajatTokas helps Shweta Basu Prasad master sword-fighting for Chandra-Nandni


Popular actors RajatTokas and Shweta Basu Prasad who are all set to wow the audiences with their on screen characters Chandra and Nandni.


Turns out that recently, during a promo shoot, the two actors were supposed to perform a rather intense sword-fighting sequence and well, what we saw definitely left a smile on our faces. Rajat who aces such sequences was seen doling out some valuable tips to Shweta regarding the stunts that of course only added more value to the end product of the scene.


"He's an extremely helpful co-star and considering he's a veteran at sword-fighting and these high octane action sequences, I am a mere newcomer when it comes to such sequences, and his advice and tips are more than welcome. They actually help us perform better together in the scenes." Says Shweta who herself has learnt archery during her childhood.


"The two are completely different sports but of course the stamina and the strength is of course helpful for the scenes I will be performing as Nandni since she is a warrior princess." The actress added.


Well, we can only wait and watch what magic Rajat and Shweta's on screen chemistry will be like.


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