Rakhi Sawant ki bolti bandh


So what was it on the sets of Comedy Circus Ke Mahabali that left controversies favorite child Rakhi Sawant speechless? 

Strange but true! So when the goddess of dance ‘Helen’ came to be a part of the first episode of this Comedy Circus ke Mahabali, Rakhi’s happiness knew no bounds!  It was an implausible moment for her when she came face to face none other than dancing diva herself. An extremely overawed Rakhi went on her knees and touched Helen’s feet in front of everyone present. In fact she also told Helen that she is Rakhi’s idol ever since she was a small kid. 

And for all those who are waiting for Rakhi’s all-time divisive one liners, here is what she stated openly “Woh us zamane ki Helen thi, mein is zamane ki Helen, aur baaki sab sirf belan”!!

Catch Rakhi Sawant on Comedy Circus ke Mahabali on Friday, August 2 at 9pmonly on Sony Entertainment Television





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