October 30, 2015 — “2015 College Football Rankings: The Stretch Run” has been published on the talkinboutsports.org blog. The article discusses the ongoing debates of national analysts. There has been much talk as of late about the top teams for the playoffs.

The author explains the next four weeks are crucial for the Top 10 ranked teams. A breakdown of how the teams can get into the four playoff spots is provided next.

Teams analyzed in the article include the Ohio State Buckeyes, the Clemson Tigers, Baylor Tigers, and the LSU Tigers. There are also rundowns on the TCU Horned Frogs and the Michigan State Spartans.

Rounding out the article are analyses on the Alabama Crimson Tide and Stanford Cardinal. Overall performance and the author’s opinion on each team’s chances of making the playoffs are included.

To see the current rankings, go to http://talkinboutsports.org/football/2015-college-football-rankings-the-stretch-run/.

J. McPhee
Traverse City, MI