China - With the increasing of the modern industrial and manufacturing industry, the cnc milling parts has become more and more popular as its quickly working models making process. Today, as many people do not know the details of this method, the engineer from famous online rapid prototyping services provider will describe with people the basic information of it.

Normally, the Rapid prototyping service is a new manufacturing technique which based on discrete manufacturing and stacking principle. This manufacturing technique applies CAD modeling software to discrete the CAD model of parts in a certain way. The CAD model will become the dispersed, discrete wire and the discrete points which could be easily processed and then people will make the use of physical or chemical means to stack these surface segments in the shape of parts . This principle will easily help people let the working process become easier than before.

Based on three-dimensional CAD model of the equipments parts and the format conversion, people could do the Slicing process and get the contour shape layers section of the CAD model. Then, people could use a laser beam to selectively cure the liquid photosensitive resin cut paper or metal by layer or they could also sinter powder materials by layer. This workmanship could help to form the outline shape of each section and then stick them into three-dimensional superimposed parts point by point.

As the introduction of editor from, the main features of vacuum casting process is characterized by the combination of rapid prototyping technology and all of these traditional technologies which should be very excellent complement. This method could let the time consuming of designation and production of industrial equipments parts mold cycle time have very large reducing. The time wasting for rapid prototypes design that is from concept to mold finish is approximately one-third of the time wasting of the traditional making method for equipments molds.

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