Rasdale Stamp Company, a Chicago area stamp dealer based in Westmont, Illinois, recently concluded its first live auction of 2017. Pre-auction bidding for the auction concluded on Friday, February 17th. The live auction took place on Saturday, February 18th and Sunday, February 19th.

Over 1,500 lots of stamps and stamp-related collectibles were sold at the auction. The full list of auction lots, including pictures and descriptions of the items, is published on Rasdale’s website. Also published on the site is a list of the preliminary prices realized for each of the lots. The prices realized at the auction, for individual lots, range from around $30 to a maximum of $24,500.

One of the top selling lots, sold for $10,500 at Rasdale’s recent late February auction, was a collection of proofs that spanned the years 1851-1898. Proofs are images that are printed from the die during the process of making a stamp—the proofs are used by the makers of stamps to see how the picture that will go on the stamp looks at that stage of the process. The late-19th century proofs that realized the highest price at Rasdale’s most recent auction were issued in New York state. There were several different sets of proofs in the lot, with one complete set of Trans-Mississippi bi-colored proofs. A full twenty-seven images of the high-selling lot—Lot #54—are available, along with further details of the collection, at

The lot that realized the highest price at the recent auction sold for $24,000. Unlike some lots that are made up on entire stamp collections, the lot that sold for $24,000 was a single stamp. The top-selling stamp was issued in Newfoundland, Canada in 1949 and had an original value of One Shilling—the stamp was never used. Though it sold for $24,000 at the auction, the stamp is listed to have a catalogue value of $45,000. Images of the stamp can be viewed at

Rasdale Stamp Company holds live public auctions every six to eight weeks, with pre-auction bidding available up to the Friday before the auction on Saturday and Sunday. Their next 2017 auction is scheduled to be held on May 20th-21st; they also have 2017 auctions scheduled for August 19th-20th and November 18th-19th.

The Rasdale Stamp Company has been family owned and operated since 1932. The Rasdale family is an active participant and has held past leadership positions in many stamp associations, clubs and societies including the American Stamp Dealers Association.

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