Rasoi Ki Rani Season 2 on Big Magic





First time on Indian television, after great success of RKR season 1, RKR season 2 brings you the celebration of recipes which will be based on themes throughout the week. Eg: Mithayi Week, Chatapata week, Healthy Week etc. 


The Renowned celebrity chef host Rakesh Sethi hosts the show with his wide experience of food and imparts valuable information regarding the perfect recipes, common blunders and secret tips on good cooking.



On air schedule:


Big Magic — Monday to Friday at 2 pm and 5 pm in Hindi



What is in it for consumers?


Culinary shows are a classic hit with housewives and family TG.  Rasoi Ki Rani combines gripping reality drama with a top chef cooking class.



What is in it for clients?



Rasoi Ki Rani is a perfect platform for all brands targeting housewives and family TG.  Rakesh Sethi is a popular household name and face as far as cooking is concerned. His words are followed like bible by housewives. Brands can use this opportunity to influence the most potential buyers of household and consumer goods.

The show offers scope of brand integration in the following forms:

GFX integrations for instance title integration, Astons, L squeeze bugs etc.

Brand integrated promos and brand integrated vignettes like instance — flavor tip, healthy cooking tip, kitchen quiz etc, all delivered by Rakesh Sethi.

Show integration — mentions, endorsement and product placement.