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Orlando, Florida — Choice Nutrition Supplements latest product — Raspberry Ketone Ultra , is now one of the most widely used weight loss supplements today. Scientific research has proven its efficiency to facilitate weight loss without the use of any synthetic chemicals that most commercial weight loss supplements contain. More and more often, Raspberry Ketone Ultra is being suggested by health and fitness experts for their clients who badly want to lose weight in a shorter amount of time.

Many people who want to lose weight are very cautious about the supplements that they take, especially because a high percentage of weight loss products in the market either make false promises or could pose harmful effects on the body. Choice Nutrition Supplements Raspberry Ketone Ultra offers a natural weight loss supplement made from real raspberries, making it completely safe to take. Raspberry Ketone Ultra promotes weight loss by regulating your metabolism. What it does is stimulate the breakdown of fatty acids within your fat cells by increasing the levels of Adiponectin in your body, a hormone that is the catalyst for lipolysis. The more Adiponectin you have in your body, the faster fats are burned. Basically, what Raspberry Ketone Ultra does is trick your body into thinking that it’s thin, thus faster metabolism occurs.

“Adiponectin is a hormone that naturally tricks your body into acting like it’s thin. People who are thin naturally have more Adiponectin and when you put weight on you reduce the ability of this hormone to function and for that reason you actually end up with a body that behaves like its fat, you begin storing fats in lots of places.” — Dr. Oz

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