Late Indian Army soldier Firoz Khan’s Namaz-e-Janaza was performed at Masjid e Salehein of Salehein Colony in Shaheen Nagar. Andhra Pradesh Youth Congress General Secretary Ravi Kumar Yadav and few localities did a program to respect the martyr. 

Ravi Kumar, the Andhra Pradesh Youth Congress General Secretary, attended the funeral procession of Indian Army soldier, Lance Naik Mohd Firoz Khan, in Hyderabad. A number of localities also joined Yadav on the occasion. 

Firoz Khan died due to a mortar strike from Pakistani region near Panjani Nallah. Abid Rasool Khan, the Chairman of Minorities Commission, received his mortal remains at the International Airport of Shamshabad. The Chairman also laid wreath on the state government’s behalf. 

While addressing at the program to show respect to the martyr, a spokesperson of Andhra Pradesh Youth Congress in the constituency of Serligamapally said, “As fellow citizens, it is our duty to respect brave soldiers of our country who lay their lives to keep us safe from the perils of our enemy. We salute our soldiers who keep their spirit up and inspire the young generation of our land.” 

Apart from members from political parties, family of the deceased was also present at the function. Ravi Kumar even shared the dais with the members of family of the martyr that constituted of Feroz’s mother, wife and children. 

The spokesperson added, “Our young leader is an inspiring figure who cares about all his fellow citizens. His attendance and even organizing a program to commemorate and respect the slain martyr is certainly an applauding gesture. His aim is to show respect to the soldiers who are fighting for our country and honor them through organizing such programs.” 

Feroz Khan was associated for over 12 years with Madras Regiment. His father was also an ex-service man. 

According to Seema Agarwal, who was present at the programme, “We feel pain and proud at the same time for Firoz and also appreciate our young leader’s initiative on this. This would certainly help our boys to feel the spirit and fight for justice at every moment of their lives. They would also get encouragement to protect our motherland.” 

Ravi Kumar Yadav is associated for spreading the idea of harmony and inspiring youth of his constituency and even beyond. He initiates to lend a supporting hand in organizing various programmes that would showcase positive attitude towards inspiring youth to fight for justice and equality. 


Ravi Kumar is Andhra Pradesh Youth Congress General Secretary of Serligamapally constituency. His works on uplifting spirits of native citizens and nurture them with environmental awareness programs is quite commendable.