Ravi Kumar Yadav, the notable Andhra Pradesh Youth Congress General Secretary, participated in a number of awareness programsincluding blood donation camps and even garlanding ceremony of Gandhiji organized at Lions Club of Serilingampally constituency, on this auspicious occasion of Gandhi Jayanti. 

The young and energetic General Secretary of Andhra Pradesh Youth Congress is leaving no stone unturned to raise social awareness and hunger to fulfill noble social causes among the youth community of the constituency. He even took part in various school programs of his constituency and helped small children to clean their school premises.

This gesture attending blood donation camps and garlanding idol of Gandhiji turns out to be a masterstroke in his political career where the young leader takes direct initiative to connect with the youth and encourages them to take measures for doing social works for the benefit of the entire community. 

According to the spokesperson of the Youth Congress of the state, “Our noble leader does not offer blunt lectures, but also takes pride in connecting with masses through various leads and laying down references through noble gestures. He visited blood donation camps, donated blood and distributed food to other donors, apart from just attending the garlanding ceremony of the Father of the Nation.” 

Ravi Kumar Yadav is serving the political arena of Greater Hyderabad for a long time and is highly dedicated to infill the notion of importance of better environment among the residents of Serilingampally constituency. He even takes proper care to encompass all youth of the constituency with his clear message, dedicated action and even encourage them to lead a better lifestyle to make this place a better place for coming generations. 

According to Amit Prasad, a local resident of Serilingampally constituency, “Our leader is truly humble in his approach and his gestures of social and humanitarian cause certainly touches everybody’s heart. His work is not only confined within this constituency, but across the entire state also.” 

The General Secretary always stays in contact to the grass root masses while contributing to the society and environment. His innovative techniques to educate the youth about various social and environmental issues and even driving them to work for the cause is highly applauded across all his party members and the people of his constituency. 


Ravi Kumar Yadav is the present General Secretary of Andhra PradeshYouth Congress. He is greatly involved in spreading innumerable messages through a number of social causes, not only in Serilingampally constituency, but also through various grass root levels across the state. For further details, visit https://www.facebook.com/MaraboinaRaviKumarYadav