San Francisco, California; 11, December 2015: Paying attention to skin’s health is such a demanding role in a woman’s daily skin care routine. It definitely requires a lot of effort and sometimes, pressure, to be able to achieve not just healthy but youthful looking skin always. Part of this duty towards taking care of the skin is the wise choosing of skin care products to buy and use. Always keep in mind that signs of skin aging that includes, typical signs of visible fine lines and wrinkles, age spots and other skin-related issues are of course, unavoidable. In this case, women by nature tend to be much conscious and got to find remedial ways to eradicate these skin dilemmas and regain the flawlessly beautiful skin.

Recently, a number of women have gathered for a press conference with the topic about “skin health and issues.”. During the meeting, they have invited Ashley Honeycutt of Champaign, IL, she is the spokesperson of this newly publicized revolutionary skin care known as Re Revive Cream, an anti-aging eye treatment that has the capability to defy your look against your true age.

Miss Honeycutt generously shared the absolute facts and quick details of Re Revive Revitalizing Moisturizer. First she described, Re:Revive cream is a skin care product that gives off intense and remarkable features for the aging skin and especially it targets under-eye imperfections like dark circles and eye puffiness. Moreover, this special skin care uses PEPTIDES formula for the eyes to truly look dazzling youthful. This dominant ingredient is an active complex consisting of avocado oil extract, almond oils and antioxidants, and is responsible for the following phenomenal anti-aging or age-defying results;

● Improvement of skin texture and wrinkle reduction in 8 weeks by 42%
● Decrease of dark circles around the eyes in 8 weeks by 35%
● Reduction of eye puffiness or eye bags after 8 weeks by 31%
● Reduces inflammation and prevents UV damage
● Minimizes the presence of free radicals
● Dramatically lessens the proteolytic breakdown of collagen and elastic matrix
● Improves or develops blood hemodynamics and microcirculation

Finally before leaving the audience, the spokesperson accentuated that Re Revive Age Defying Cream is legit and not a scam skin care product since it had been conducted with series of clinical verification by skin care technology experts. Also, Ashley Honeycutt advertised the audience to visit its official website and challenged participants to experience the breakthrough formula through grabbing the limited risk-free trial offer of Re Revive Cream that can be seen in its online site.

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