Zanesville audit services

Rea & Associates, a leading accounting services firm providing a wide range of financial services to clients in the Zanesville area and throughout the state of Ohio, has announced their ability to provide audit services to business clients.

The Rea & Associates Zanesville location acknowledges the ever-changing business landscape and the implications of these changes on a business’s financial situation. “Not only do you have to understand your current financial position,” Rea advises businesses, “but you must plan for the future, too.” Rea further notes that businesses “need a forward-thinking firm that can not only provide…high-quality audit and compliance services, but can also be a business advisor and reliable source of guidance.”

Rea & Associates maintains a staff of over 70 auditors that currently serve more than 850 clients. These hundreds of clients are all at various stages of their lifecycle as a business; thus, Rea’s audit staff has experience with the full range of audit services a business may require. Among the particular types of organizations Rea & Associates has experience with are start-ups, mature companies, not-for-profit organizations and government entities.

In addition to providing audit services for a diverse clientele and organizations, Rea & Associates has accumulated experience with a diverse range of audit services. Among the specific audit services offered by Rea are fraud deterrence, internal controls, data security, PCI (Payment Card Industry) compliance and IT audit consulting services.

For those interested in learning more about the audit services provided by Rea & Associates or about audit services in general, Rea offers an online article library with many articles specifically devoted to audit services at . Beyond the online library, Rea & Associates also produces a podcast that discusses issues related to financial services and also distributes an email newsletter that can be subscribed to through their website.

Rea & Associates is an Ohio public accounting firm providing a full range of accounting and business consulting services. Rea has decades of industry experience since their inception as a financial services firm in 1938. The firm maintains a value system, known as The Rea Way, which outlines the way each of their employees is expected to conduct themselves in conducting the business of the firm. The full value statement, written in 2000, is available on the website for Rea & Associates at

The Zanesville location for Rea & Associates is a member of their Southeast Ohio region. Interested parties may contact the Zanesville office using the contact information provided below.

Rea & Associates CPA Firm
Address: 905 Zane Street, 2nd Floor, Zanesville, OH 43701
Phone: 740-452-2900
Fax: 740-454-3292
Email: [email protected]