There's no shortages of good reasons to live in Florida, many of which revolve around the usually fantastic weather and pristine beaches.  Forward thinking real estate expert had that in the back of his mind when he made the big shift to selling remarkable quality live-aboard yachts.  Recently Feigin was happy to announce he's crossed the $3 million milestone, as his business continues to grow.

February 21, 2017
If someone suggest living on a boat, even in beautiful Florida, it's easy to understand why there would be a bit of hesitation.  Thinking “outside of the box” often has that kind of impact.  However, in the case of the jaw dropping live-aboard yachts real estate expert Craig Feigin is offering, the hesitation almost always vanishes, in seconds.  It's practical, often affordable, cool and interesting, and being likely the most motivated force in this area in Florida has rewarded Feigin well.  To the point of him recently announcing he has done millions in sales in 2016 alone.

“I love live-aboard yachts so I don't have to fake enthusiasm when I show them or talk about them,”   commented the Florida real estate expert.  “Here in our state it's like a dream come true.  Of all the live-aboard yachts I've sold and rented— and believe me that's many- my phone hasn't rang asking me to take one back.  For guys with a bit of the alpha male in them, this kind of adventure makes everyday just a little more awesome.”

According to Craig Feigin, he is happy to offer a wide range of styles, choices and price points, with something sure to meet almost any need.  Quality is always guaranteed, and Feigin prides himself on making sure every sale goes good at each stage, when looking at yachts, when negotiating prices, when sealing the deal and afterward.  Because happy clients means many more referrals, beyond the satisfaction of a job well done.

Feigin got his start making smart moves during the Florida real estate crisis, setting him up perfectly to enter into the live-aboad yacht space.  This is where he sees the profitable present and future of Florida real estate staying, so yacht shoppers can expect to have him as a trusted resource for some time to come.

Craig Feigin, left with some final thoughts, “With many people able to step into a live-aboard boat for as little as $1000, living on the water may not seem strange for much longer.  Even for people seeing hard times this is a workable way out.”

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