Victoria, Australia - Real Wealth Australia provides an environment that helps people fulfil their personal goals. Those with an interest in property investment can realise those goals. But how can that get done? The answer lies in a little-known yet simple formula.

Isn't property investment just for wealthy people?

Many people assume that creating a property portfolio is only possible for the rich. But, that isn't always the case. Those that have an interest in property investment are often put off by their lack of money.

Take Helen Collier-Kogtevs and her husband Ed, for example. When they both first met, they were in bad shape from a financial point of view. Helen had the burden of large debt weighing on her shoulders. And Ed was struggling to cope with an expensive divorce process.

It's plain to see that both Helen and Ed were in a dire financial situation. In just seven short years, they've gone from broke to living a lifestyle people often dream about!

Their story isn't about a "get-rich-quick" scheme. In fact, it's taken seven years of careful decision-making to get where they are today! These days, Helen and Ed will tell you they are living the dream, thanks to their efforts. They no longer have to worry about money or how to pay the bills. They even managed to pay for their dream home with just cash.

What's the secret?

Helen and Ed's story is, without a doubt, an inspirational one. The secret to success is down to one simple thing: knowledge. There's no denying that the property world is both a complex and confusing one.

It's all too easy to get the wrong advice and end up making bad decisions. The couple took the time to learn more about the world of property investment from their mentors.

Helen and Ed's friends and family were keen to ask their advice. They got a kick out of helping them, and so they've decided to make a living mentoring other people too.

A portfolio of 10 properties in 10 years

As bold as it sounds, it's an achievable goal that Helen and Ed are near completing. They already have a portfolio of seven properties and counting!

Real Wealth Australia is all about helping people realise their financial goals. It's no secret that property investment is a tried and tested method of growing one's wealth.

About Real Wealth Australia

Helen Collier-Kogtevs and her husband Ed have created a "10 in 10" mentoring program that will teach property investors how to do things the right way. It also comes with access to their all-star team of professionals that include:

●    Mortgage brokers
●    Insurance brokers
●    Solicitors
●    And more.

As they have proven, people don’t need to be wealthy to build a property portfolio. All they need is the right advice, guidance and tips.

Find out more about the 10 in 10 mentoring program, along with some program excerpts, by visiting the Real Wealth Australia website.
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