If you’re just starting out with building your first Hydroponics system, you might think that constructing and managing a grow system would be quick and easy—after all, with no soil to worry about, what’s there to worry about? On the other hand, if you’re inexperienced with using Hydroponics to grow plants, herbs or veggies you might be tempted to purchase every kind of nutrient, thinking that the more minerals and vitamins you give your plants, the better their chances will be of growing faster than normally. Sometimes, first-time growers will have the issue where they notice their plants are not growing properly, despite being fed plenty of nutrients and other substances. Many do not find the answer to their growth issue and some may even give up on Hydroponics altogether, when the solution was within the grasp of any Bluelab meter orBluelab combo meter. Read on to learn more about how getting a Bluelab meter or a Bluelab combo meter could help your Hydroponics grow system thrive and see why you should get one for yourself.


In an optimum scenario, the pH level for water in Hydroponics tanks should be 5.8—realistically, though, achievable optimum values range between 5.5 and 6.5. If your Hydroponic tank water has a pH level that’s too high or too low it could affect your plants to the extent that they wouldn’t absorb nutrients as they should, which often results in sub-par plant growth. And, you shouldn’t be fooled into thinking that the pH level will remain constant for extended periods of time. It will be influenced by almost every type of solution you add to the water, be it feed, root excelurators, flowering stimulants or anything else, but changes in pH level don’t usually register any obvious symptoms, so unless a Bluelab meter or a Bluelab combo meter is used to determine if pH is the problem, the real cause of plant disease could go undetected.


The Bluelab meter was created specifically to measure the pH level of any liquid. If it’s your first time experimenting with Hydroponics grow systems you should make the habit of using your Bluelab meter to test pH levels in your tanks more often than not. Measure after each time you introduce something into your system, and take another measurement an hour later to see how the value has fluctuated. After a while you’ll be able to learn what products have which effects on your pH levels and you’ll be able to take fewer measurements and still get good results. The Bluelab combo meter will also measure temperature and conductivity levels in your Hydroponics tank water, which will give you another way to positively affect the growth cycles of your plants.

If you’re trying to get a good result from your Hydroponics grow system from the first crop, see here why you need to get a Bluelab meter or a Bluelab combo meter and to find out how it can help you get answers to a lot of unanswered questions.