Orlando, FL— August 18, 2015 — Athletes, especially females, are more prone to injuries, and this is due to the physical activities they regularly engage themselves in. While they are highly susceptible to injuries, there are things that they can do to protect their knees.

A recent study reveals the secrets for preventing knee injuries among female athletes. Studies have been conducted to determine the ways of helping athletes avoid injuries. The study points from these studies can be very useful to athletes. Experts are trying to stress the importance of not taking injuries for granted. Injuries could destabilize the knee, and this often results in the development of osteoarthritis later in life.

In a study, it was found that an exercise program, which involves landing on the ground correctly while running, playing and jumping on the soccer field, has helped reduce serious knee injury cases by 77 percent. Experts consider the findings of this study significant mainly because female athletes are believed to be 8 times more prone to injuries than men. These injuries include anterior cruciate ligament or the wear and tear of a band tissue.

Another study conducted by Swedish researchers involved 1,506 female subjects between ages 13 and 19. The participants were divided into two groups and one received HarmoKnee, which is a physical exercise program. This program was created for athletes and is combined with the education about injury risk given by their parents and coaches.

Liisa Byberg, PhD, the study’s lead author from the Department of Surgical Sciences, reveals that the program features various warm-up exercises, including jogging and high-knee skipping. Other exercises are included, such as muscle activation, sit-ups and other strength stability and balanced training with jumping exercises.

The Archives of Internal Medicine published the study, and it was found that only three athletes suffered from knee injuries from the group that received HarmoKnee. There were also 13 girls who suffered from injuries who belonged to the control group. According to Dr. Byberg, this only demonstrates that injuries could potentially be prevented. Another interesting thing about the study was that athletes who received HarmoKnee experienced less severe injuries than those in the control group.

Exercise is just one of the best ways to strengthen knee health. Today, many people are resorting to natural alternatives such as glucosamine for maintaining their joint health. Glucosamine supplements are believed to help repair joint cartilage damage, and improve one’s mobility. Supplements that not only contain glucosamine, but also other ingredients such as chondroitin, MSM and turmeric, are highly recommended by experts (www.amazon.com/Glucosamine-Sulfate-Chondroitin-Supplement-Turmeric/dp/B00DUMO9X4/).
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