Internet dating can result in finding a <a href="">love of your life, a good friend and all types of experiences and has been growing in popularity ever since it initially launched. Perhaps this is due to it's many advantages over the traditional way of meeting <a href="">singles. In view of the growing interest in on line <a href="">dating websites it will be fair to debate that the security level is similar as with typical ways of singles meeting. Inspite of this, it is still good to take precaution to ensure that internet dating remains a pleasant experience all the time. There are many methods to be careful when dating online and below I include some of them.

Do not Rush

When you find an user profile which attracts you control yourself and take it easy at the beginning. Go gently and start with brief none commital, none intrusive e mail. Treat the person at the other end of the computer as you would treat a stranger you just met anywhere else. Think of it, if you went to the wine bar and met someone for the first time do you let your guard completely down and start showing them the same behaviour you would show a person who you'd known for a long time? Absolutely not. unless you were drunk. Even then you've usually got your friends next to you to keep you from doing things that you would regret later. Same scenario applies when datinig on the internet.

Avoid giving out personal information

Until you feel totally comfortable with the person you are interacting with on the internet and you are absolutely sure that it is safe to break your anonimity, avoid giving out private information. Don't include your real name, especially surname, home address, telephone number or e mail in your online dating site profile. This rule need to be observed no matter if you are a woman or a male. Set up an alternative e mail address for your self to use only for dating websites. Make sure that the email does not reveal any of your details

Specify and watch your telephone rules

If you are a woman, avoid giving out your number first. Take his contact number, preferably a landline unless there's a good explanation why he can't give you a landline. A good explanation would be if you are both young and live with your parents, then it is logical. Use your mobile phone if you have one. There is no reason for anyone not to have a cell phone today. So buy one. Today a payg mobile phone costs almost nothing to get hold of. Should he acts reluctant to give you his phone number, think carefully. My own rule is that numbers should always be exchanged even in face to face dating.

Doubt their personality

Endeavour to discover as much as you can about the other person's character via the dating website internal interaction system. This can be through the chat system or e mail. Ask questions but ensure they do not look like you might be interviewing them for a job. An effective solution to do this is to use humour or make statements that can encourage them to give out personality traits about themselves when they react to your statement.

Online dating is usually a quite safe activity however as with all things we perform on a daily basis it is always a good idea to exercise a bit of care and good sense.

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