USA - A number of people usually use RAR files to store and share data especially such data which is too large to share via email or to store on one’s system. Using the RAR tool people generally compress the data in such a way that it occupies lesser space and hence can be handled easily. And in case the information is confidential, there is an option to make it password protected. But with people who frequently use this technique, remembering passwords of all RAR files can be tough.

For people who have need to extract information from important password protected RAR files, the passwords of which are lost or unavailable, the Rar Password Unlocker can be quite helpful. This tool basically helps recover passwords that might be lost or forgotten. And what’s more this free Rar Password Unlocker is easy to understand and use. And in case the user does have trouble using it, there is a user guide available which makes things easy to understand, especially for first time users. Additionally, this Rar Password Unlocker supports as many as 50 languages so that all and any type of password can be cracked.

The website says, “There are three different recovery modes which are used by this and they are displayed on the window once the tool is installed.” And depending on how tough the password is the best mode can be selected. And depending on the level of toughness and the mode selected the time taken to crack the password depends. There is also provision to pause and continue the password cracking process at a later time if required.

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