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Traverse City, August 24, 2015—Tis the season for college football and time for fans to show their team spirit with personalized college football jerseys.  Americans have a love affair with football.  Whether it is little league or NFL, Americans spend more money on football and football gear than any other sport today.  With custom college football jersey's, players and their families can show their support not only for the game but for their favorite college team. Jerseys are officially licensed and are made by brands like Nike and Adidas, so buyers will know that they are purchasing a quality product when they make their purchase through Recreation and Sports Store Online.

“I don't know about you but I love college ball,” says J McPhee, representative of Recreation and Sports World Online.  “I love going to a nighttime football game during the fall when the air is crisp.  It takes me back to my own college years and all the magic of cheering on your team.  When people buy our jerseys they are getting a licensed product that is authentic, customizable, and high quality.”

Buyers simply select a team, and then use the options to customize the jersey with their first name, last name, a nickname, or their favorite player. He or she can then choose which number they want to be displayed on the back. They jersey's come in a wide range of sizes so they will fit most members of a family.

“We're pretty excited to offer these products,” says McPhee.  “The jerseys are only one part of our lineup.  Hats, hoodies—we sell it all.  We want everyone who shares our passion for sports and fall football to be able to find something in our store.”

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J. McPhee
Traverse City, MI