UK-based content marketing and social media agency, Red Rocket Media, is to feature in the second edition of ‘The Best Digital Marketing Campaigns in the World’ for its Britain’s Best Office Dog Facebook campaign. 

The campaign — called ‘Where irrelevant content is totally relevant’ — will feature alongside other huge successes such as Evian’s ‘31 ways to live young’ and Red Bull’s amazing stratospheric skydive. The campaign’s aim was to prove that content doesn’t necessarily have to be about your line of business in order for it to connect with the target audience; as long as it is of interest to them then it’s totally relevant. Proof of this was the reach and engagement levels that the campaign achieved, most notably: 

- An increase in Facebook reach from 9.1k to 418.2k
- An increase in Facebook engagement levels from 5% to 40%
- An increase in website visits from 5,173 to 12,786

The book’s author, Damian Ryan, said: “We were looking for campaigns which show real understanding of the target audience with measurable results. In particular we want to see campaigns from advertisers and agencies who have demonstrated brilliance with small budgets.” 

The campaigns included in the book, the first edition of which was a bestseller on Amazon and translated into seven languages, have been selected by Damian with the support of a panel including Google, HSBC and the BBC. 

Red Rocket Media marketing manager, Michelle Hill, said: “We are over the moon to have been selected for inclusion in the book, particularly as our campaign was delivered on zero budget. The whole objective for us was to prove that if you want your content to work hard for you, it needs to emotionally connect with your audience. People are then much more inspired to engage with and share it.” 

The book is due to be published in January 2014. 

About Red Rocket Media 

Red Rocket Media is a social media and content marketing agency. With a team of in-house journalists and social media experts, it provides companies with a wide range of commercially-neutral content for their websites to ensure they achieve maximum exposure, engagement levels and ROI on social media. 

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