United Kingdom; 12, December 2014: The phone systems play a major role in communication across varied sectors. Be it school, restaurant, offices, hospitals and relevant establishment, it is necessary to have a cutting edge communication system. Redcare 5G is a company that caters to the need of its clients in offering tailored packages. It has small business phone systems for clients to strengthen operations, increase productivity and improve customer satisfaction.

The technology for latest phone systems has gone a sea change to meet different challenges at work place. Redcare 5G is offering auto attendant with a position in the queue announcements. The voice mail along with email alerts of received messages, mobile twinning and remote IP extensions, call recording, performance management are also offered. Some of the other exclusive features include video and audio conferencing, cordless handset and Bluetooth headset compatibility. As much £49 monthly phone systems for small businesses are also available.

Redcare is offering UK’s quickest and completely integrated call recording solutions. Customers can listen to the calls by individual, extension and department. They can also monitor the staff calls for ensuring their clients are getting the best possible services. There is also a scope for reducing disputes and the discrepancies. Users are free to playback old calls without any delay. They can also tag, archive and add notes to any of the recorded call. For monitoring the on-going communication inside out, Redcare offers comprehensive call logging facility. It can recognize the bottlenecks, highlight the individual and team performance and comprehensive daily reporting could recognise the missed calls.

Computer integration system solution by Redcare means that the telephone is evolving into an individual database. It will automatically screen pop the record of the user’s clients and enhance the overall process. The business phone systems High Wycombe is available for customers at Redcare. The on-hold marketing services include turning tedious on-time into informative and valuable messages. Users would ensure that customers are fully aware of the latest products and services.

Redcare offers mobile phone integration solutions which fill in for the missing link of office phone and smart phone. Customers may pick up the office voicemail, accept, hold or just transfer it as if working from a desktop phone. There are many school and colleges in United Kingdom who are benefitting out of the business phone systems offered by the company.

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Redcare 5G caters to the need of all kinds of customers in delivering business phone system solutions in UK. The professionals of the company have the experience of installing hundreds of phone systems in various sectors. It services a fast growing customer base of various shapes and sizes. Visit the website for more information on the services offered.