10, August 2015: With the development of technological innovation, everything changes with each passing day and electric intelligent scooter is no exception. Segway, with its advanced concept rapidly leaded this vehicle revolution, making electric vehicle a new fashion. Depends on the fundamental principal of Segway, Airwheel never stops its step of innovation.


The most apparent is that the operation arm disappeared and an interesting unicycle wheel instead, which is more light, tiny and cheaper. Except for one wheel scooter, there is also an electric scooter with an operation arm. The user need only through the body slightly forward and back, can realize the operation of advancing, acceleration, and deceleration and braking crane, and so on. Moreover, Airwheel electric self-balancing scooter is able to carry easily due to its small size and light weight, which make it the best opt for girls who cannot control some chunk.

In terms of software, generally speaking, most electric intelligent unicycle in the market choose to adopt the open-source software made by Segway and then update the pack to input, however, there are certain problems with it. First of all, the reaction to brakes is relatively slow, resulting in falling down easily. Besides, the original software made by Segway fails to address the interference of electromagnetic wave, which will make the system chaotic. Sometimes, the accidents of battery bomb could take place because of the messy system.


Drawing lessons from those accidents and benefits, Airwheel electric self-balancing scooter adopt its particular software which has proved to be stable, safe and intelligent. Most importantly, the R&D department successfully tackled the problem of electromagnetic wave, which could be regarded as a great progress in electric scooter history.

The history of human being is keeping progress and technology innovation is no exception. Segway still deserves honor and respect but Airwheel is winning the future.

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