Xiamen, China - Refine Gallery has its forte in art production, reproduction and wholesaling since its inception in 1998. The oil paintings wholesale China company, however, is now drawing a bead on entering the largely unexplored global market through its online store and effective and pro-customer supply chain management system in place. Art connoisseurs and critics can now buy hand-painted artworks, reproduced oil paintings, replica paintings, watercolour, pencil and pastel paintings, photorealistic paintings and much more straight from the company website. As far as deliverability is concerned, the company now promises worldwide fast delivery service, kudos to the drop shipping and delivery adopted by the leading art wholesaler of late.

The Xiamen, China based art company has its own studio and a vast pool of artists who can give life to ideas and transform photos into paintings within a short turnaround. The superior-quality canvas and other raw materials used by the company make a real difference between them and their competitors in China and world art wholesale market. Besides, the company also promises unbeatable prices for many different types of artworks, reproduced or original, that they sell through their online store.

The oil painting China wholesaler has supplied hundreds and thousands of reproduction oil paintings till date to customers in China and abroad. Some of the patrons of the company have placed their trust on the oil paintings seller for over a decade. When inquired about the client base of Refine Gallery, one of the directors having a stake in the company told the press, “We have clients in different corners of the world. We have a very strong client base in countries like USA, Canada, United Kingdom, Spain, Italy, France and the rest of Europe. Due to our symbiotic business tie-ups with art dealers in different parts of the world, we can assure fast delivery, best price and superior most quality, among many other things. We are currently seeking partnerships in abroad for bolstering our worldwide supply chain.

If effective supply chain management is one side of the story, the other definitely is the online gallery and store that the oil paintings wholesale China Company runs. “We hope to expand our business through our website which has been launched of late”, a marketing exec emphatically told the press.

About the company

Refine Gallery has been in the business of artwork wholesaling since 1998. The company is nestled in Xiamen, China.

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