Xiamen, China; 04, July 2015: Refractometers are useful tools to check the sugar content or salinity of liquids. The device is mainly used in laboratories and the food and beverage industry to check the brine and sugar concentration respectively. China based Refractometersales.com now brings a variety of Refractometers that can be used for different purposes, from checking salinity to checking sweetness of liquids and beverages. 

They are offering Salinity Refractometer that can be used in laboratories and clinical industries to check the quality of the saline water or brine. The device has a scale for the direct reading of the saline concentration and specific gravity of the liquid. With the NaCl level and its specific gravity, one can get the exact amount of salt that is dissolved in the solution. This accuracy in measurement helps maintain quality of the solutions in the clinical labs. 

One can also find Honey Refractometer or Brix Refractometer with them that can be used to check the sugar concentration in sweet beverages, such as juices, soft drinks and other products. With the exact measurement of sweetness available in a beverage, it helps maintain the perfect taste and quality of a beverage. According to the spokesperson of the Xiamen Factory, their sugar refractometers are increasingly used today in the food and beverage industry. 

The spokesperson maintains that their Aquarium Refractometer is also popular among people who own aquarium at home or office. The refractometer could be used to check the water quality for fishes and it gives the concentration of the dissolved substance in the aquarium water. All products come with one-year warranty and come with an assurance of high quality from the leading manufacturer. The lightweight aluminum construction makes it easier to hold in hand and perform the task of checking the quality of a liquid. 

According to the spokesperson, all products are available at competitive prices and feature an ergonomic and comfortable design for an easy operation. With an anti-slip grip, the refractometers are available with plastic portable cases to carry from one place to another. To check the different types of refractometers available with them, one may visit the website http://www.refractometersales.com. 

About Refractometersales.com: 

Refractometersales.com, established in 2005 and based in Xiamen, Fujian, China, is a professional optical equipment design and manufacturing company with a global client base. The staff and majority shareholders have been involved in technology development and manufacturing in the refractometry field since 1994. They supply all kinds of refractometers and ship and deliver all products carefully across the world. 

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