04, July 2015: The Ventura County-based clinic Regenerative Medicine Specialists has released a new web page explaining how they treat knee joint pain without surgery, steroids, or many of the side effects which normal techniques usually involve. They are often able to heal knee pain without hospitalization using these methods — instead, patients may get relief in as soon as a single hour-long office visit.


All the treatments which the Regenerative Medicine Specialists use are meant to help patients’ bodies regenerate damaged tissue on their own. This means they’re able to treat a variety of conditions using a few core therapies, and accomplish this without the risks or side effects that accompany more invasive, traditional methods.

“It’s a groundbreaking technology,” they said in a statement. “Using these methods we can address the real, underlying condition. We don’t simply attempt to patch over the symptoms.”

The versatility of the techniques they use is particularly important because of the knee’s complexity. It has many different structures, each of which are vulnerable to acute injury or degradation — the menisci, the bones, the cartilage, ligaments, bursae, and more.

So far, patients suffering from knee pain who did not get results from conservative treatments such as ice or rest were limited in their choices to potentially harmfully therapies like surgery, addictive opioids, and steroid injections.

With PRP or stem cells, though, it’s possible for doctors to relieve pain, restore the normal functioning of joints, and accomplish this without the problems other therapies have.

Runner’s Knee

Sometimes called Jumper’s Knee but properly termed patellofemoral syndrome, “Runner’s Knee” represents the single most common problem patients have with their knees. All kinds of athletes can be diagnosed with this condition, not just runners, and older and/or heavier patients may develop it too.

Runner’s knee happens when problems develop around the patella, or kneecap. This is a bony piece placed over the anterior joint surface. The underside has a cartilage layer which helps it slide. The underside may develop arthritis (which is extremely painful and mobility limiting) while the tendons which connect it to nearby muscles may develop tendonitis.

Non-regenerative techniques frequently don’t provide patients with sustained relief. As a result, they feel or are led to believe their only option is surgery. Still, this is not the case. Thanks to regenerative medicine, doctors can help the body fix itself. This option may deliver lasting and effective relief.

About Regenerative Medicine Specialists

The Regenerative Medicine Specialists of Ventura County are three doctors with years of experience applying techniques like stem cells and PRP therapy to heal many different kinds of joint and musculoskeletal disorders and injuries.


They specialize in helping patients on an outpatient basis, using techniques that do not require a hospital stay and which often produce results in the space of a single office visit. To accomplish this, they focus on regenerative methods that enhance and aid the body’s ability to heal and regenerate its own tissues — therapies like stem cells or PRP therapy, sometimes in conjunction with growth factor, cytokine, or other therapies.

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