Los Angeles, California, 19, August 2015: During the press conference of Rejuvalux Retinol RX yesterday, held at Los Angeles, California, the company spokesperson, Ms. Frances Marie Ellis, revealed the 5 major benefits of their skincare solution. “So long as our product is used twice daily, rest assured that they can enjoy the major benefits it promises to all potential consumers globally,” she primarily explained.

According to Ms. Ellis, the 5 benefits of their skincare product are:

* Restored firmness and elasticity
* Renewed moisture and hydration
* Repaired dermal damage
* Boosted collagen production
* Remedied wrinkles and other aging signs

The company further explained that the main reason why their formula works to provide generally the specific 5 benefits is the formulated ingredients. “We are using the tested and proven ingredients. Thus, our product has been recognized by thousands of people in the world today,” she further explained.

The Natural Ingredients

Ms. Ellis specifically mentioned the contained and formulated ingredients of their skincare solution, such as:

* Natural wheat protein
* Active nutrients
* Powerful antioxidants
* Essential collagen boosters
* Essential minerals

“Further, our product uses the so-called QuSome Delivery System, so that the penetration of its potency will go deeper, going to the dermal structure of every person’s skin,” the spokesperson disclosed.

Is this product effective?

One Rejuvalux Retinol RX reviews posted online unveils that, “The wrinkles, fine lines and dark spots visible in my facial skin have had been gradually removed, when I decided to use this product one month ago. I am so lucky that I am one those people, who really benefited from the real efficacy of this skincare solution.” This review writer is Ms. Olivia Torres, aged 46.

The Rejuvalux Retinol RX risk-free trial is offered through its official website. This trial program is for each and every potential consumer to avail of.

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