Brazil - The World Cup football match during every four year could be regarded as very excellent opportunity for each football game developer. This advantage has been clear seed fro the FIFA official authorization game FIFA 14. However, there is some bad news which is from the official blog of famous cheap fifa 14 coins online seller about this famous football game during earlier days. The originally scheduled Ultimate Team mode and World Cup kick-off mode for FIFA 14 has been postponed as some technical problem. This could be regarded as very disappointed news for these specialized FIFA players.

The FIFA official side EA company has explained this situation in a statement that this game has been postponed as the discovering of some unforeseen problems and the game official and developing team will repair these problems as soon as possible and then push the more perfectly version for these FIFA 14 players.

The latest news from the blog of which is famous online seller for FIFA 14 coins show that EA intends to release two updated new models on Thursday evening in the European time. This could be regarded as very excellent news for these FIFA football game fans and the new updated model will bring with them the newly playing experience.

According to prior reports from famous fifa 14 ultimate team coins online seller, the newly World Cup mode of FIFA 14 will bring all actually data of these 32 football team in this year¡¯s Brazil World Cup. On the other hand, there are also any other newly experience in this game such as Brazil World Cup official using ball ¡®Adidas Brazuca¡¯¡¯ and the ¡°Estadio do Marcana¡± stadium where held many football matches and the final match in the World Cup of Brazil.

If reader is really the fans for Brazil team or the loyalty fans for Brazil football star Neymar, this new FIFA 14 game could be very best opportunity to controlling their favorite team and star to get the final win in the game of World Cup. Although the game could only give people the theoretic environment experience, it could also let each football fans achieve the goal that let their favorite team get the eventually winning in the World Cup. On the other hand, the most comfortable playing experience should be based on the enough FIFA coins which could help each player purchase the famous football players around the world. If people want to know more information about how to buy FIFA 14 coins, please do not hesitate to get contact with


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