The easiest way to earn a monthly income over $10,000 is just a few clicks away. Richard Daris and Claudia Brown, two prominent internet-marketing gurus reveal the secret of earning a residual income with an automated website without sweating over it.

This residual income scheme is not a sham like most online moneymaking methods that promise the sky and deliver nothing. The method is based on a well-researched automated digital product marketing system that has proven positive results in the past and present. IACC (Instant Affiliate Cash Commissions) that conducts this scheme ensures that even the amateurs can earn substantial revenues that could help them to finance their dreams and achieve their goals in life. It is an absolute legal and safe method of generating income. PONZI schemes, pyramid shams, boring webinars, delayed payments or endless online working hours are not a part of this results assured instant cash revenue system. The members are required just to copy and paste predesigned advertisements in the assigned websites and other websites in order to get paid directly to their PayPal accounts! If a sale is made through an advertised link, 100% of the commission will be credited to the PayPal account of the member instantly.

From high school kids to pensioners, corporate executives to laborers and house wives to job seekers can gain a lucrative income by spending just a couple of minutes in front of a PC. The cash payments may vary from $10 – $100 and generates even while the owner of the automated website is asleep or busy working elsewhere. Even once the member quits promoting and advertising, the residual income will not stop. This is the ultimate method of earning thousands of dollars per month simply doing nothing. However, similar to all the jobs, the more one works the more they gain. The beginners could start by making 2 — 10 sales per day, which is a piece of cake, and progress as they gain experience.

Apart from the amazing residual monthly income, IACC members are also entitled to attractive bonuses that include valuable digital products, a digital products sales page and banner ad revenues. Each of these bonuses will help to boost the monthly revenue exponentially.

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