Stories of horror and mayhem circle most San Diego remodel contractors like a dark cloud of death. But not HK Construction, they have actually been getting many great rave reviews from their home remodel customers. This is truly a rare occurrence in the San Diego remodel contractor field thus warranting a closer look at this honest and reputable remodel contractor company HK Construction.

Sources claim HK Construction recently converted the garage of a local Poway home into a master bedroom and laundry room. They then built a new 3 bay garage addition and made sure to blend the new garage style to fit the existing home. The crew chief in charge of the construction didn’t want it to look like an addition. The customer wanted it to look like it belonged in the original construction; therefore only the best current materials were used and special care was taken in the details. According to the pleased home owner customer, it turned out great!

As a test of their professional resolve, trouble befell the work crews in the form of rain storms beginning shortly after work began. That was also the time for the concrete to be poured for the new garage. While most contractors would quit working until the rain stopped, the top level San Diego remodel crew kept on and got the job finished, often working late into the night.

Upon completion of the work, city code inspections were performed. They had inspections for the concrete foundation, the drywall and interior. HK Construction passed all inspections the first time around. Sounds simple, but given stringent city codes and the shoddy work of most San Diego remodel contractors, a remodel contractor who passes city code inspections with flying colors is a rare anomaly.

If you have a need for an honest, ethical home remodeling contractor in San Diego that gets work done on time and to code, then you owe it to yourself to take a closer look at HK Construction. For more information call HK Construction at 858-748-6580 or visit

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