Founder and CEO Bob Snyder preaches straight forward business process over  exploitive methods at Scottsdale real estate investor seminar.

(Scottsdale, AZ)  Legitimacy, likability, trust, and relationship building are powerful words and phrases repeatedly used by real estate investors and business owners during negotiations.  But the actions of these entrepreneurs often times don't align with their promises -- leaving the losing side feeling bitter, betrayed, and guarded.

"These scenarios and outcomes were among a laundry list of topics that were addressed in front of a large crowed at a real estate investor seminar on Saturday, July 25, 2016 in Scottsdale, AZ," said Bob Snyder.  The Founder and CEO of Renatus, a national real estate investment company, based in Centerville, UT, was the featured speaker at the Scottsdale event.

Snyder's Renatus real estate investment seminar outlined 10 factors that affect power in negotiations, including legitimacy power and relationship or partnering power.  "Legitimacy power involves positioning myself as an expert in the field of real estate investing, getting people to like and trust me, and establishing a track record of success.  If I'm honorable, likable, and credible -- then people are more likely to do business with me."

The Renatus Founder and CEO also emphasized establishing strong relationships with others, which he regards as the strongest component of business.  "Relationship currency is the most valuable instrument available.  Surrounding yourself around individuals with connections, influence, and affluence will allow you to inherit their example and help create a model for your success ."

Snyder points out that relationship currency is just as critical to negotiations.  "Having those relationships create a stronger position for you on deals that may have never been presented in the first place.  If you are already in a dominant position, then relationship currency makes it even easier to achieve your goal because of the likability factor.  Relationships will only build and get stronger from that point on."

He points out that business people often times believe they have to posture or position themselves in the role of the bully in order to get a deal done.  "That may work once or twice, but a poor reputation will soon follow and eventually catch up with them.

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Mr. Snyder began his entrepreneurial journey more than 25-years ago with the desire to leave a positive mark on the world.  Over the years Mr. Snyder has built dozens of businesses that have produced hundreds of millions in revenue. His real estate company completed over 2500 wholesale deals in 8 years and his real estate training companies have educated tens of thousands of individuals on the subject of wealth creation through real estate investing. His ability to negotiate successful outcomes uniquely qualifies him to teach the art of negotiation.

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