12, January 2015: Boss Rentals is now offering durable and dependable construction containers in New York and Philadelphia particularly in the metro areas of New Jersey, Pennsylvania and Connecticut. Those home builders and contractors who want to make sure that their construction materials will always be inaccessible for strangers and thieves at all times should never hesitate to provide their job sites with at least one unit of this huge storage where all kinds of heavy construction equipments and tools can be stored safely while not in use.

The company is dedicated in providing homeowners the best units of job site storage to those individuals who want to keep their construction equipments and materials protected from several kinds of security issues that may ruin their projects instantly. Those who will never hesitate to rent construction containers in this company will surely be able to complete their construction projects perfectly at all times since. This is because all construction containers that this company can offer will help them spend more time in creating efficient plans for the completion of their daily tasks instead of worrying about the security of all their equipments that are meant to be protected from those individuals who are interested to exploit their investments.

Boos Rentals rent construction storage containers that’s 100% excellent in terms of quality and performance. All construction storages that can be rented in the collections of this company are weatherproof and lockable. These products were designed to stay durable, heavy and dependable for several years. Each unit of this product comes with a neutral beige color that makes it compatible in all kinds of landscapes that can be found in outdoor places.

Many people will surely like the fact that the job site storage that can be rented in this company comes with free delivery and pickup services. The product will never fail the expectations of those contractors and home builders who want to focus more efficiently on the completion of their construction projects at all times while satisfying the needs of their clients. The company has a team of experience professional drivers who can deliver construction container in the different parts of New York and Philadelphia with ease. There are more options to choose from in the sizes of job site storages that this company can provide in construction sites.

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